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Ten Business Management Dissertation Ideas That Will Impress The Committee

Okay, so you have been there, done that and bought the T-Shirt when it comes to writing impressive papers. You are no novice. You know how to write a killer paper. However, you now have to come up with one that will not only blow the socks off the professor, and wipe the floor with the competition, but you also have to impress the thesis committee as well! This is no tall order and is not something that you should take lightly or attempt to wing.

Before you prepare to throw in the towel, or start throwing your toys out of the pram. You need to start thinking of this as invaluable experience for when you do make it into the cut-throat world of business management. Because trust me, any pressure that you are feeling right now will feel like child’s play when you are out there with the sharks!

To help alleviate some of the stress, I have come up with a list of 10 ideas that are guaranteed to impress the movers and shakers:

  1. Does having highly-effective CRM software make the difference between profit and loss? Discuss.
  2. Explore the Chinese strategy concerning oil reserves, and whether other countries should follow their lead?
  3. Compare and contrast the banking systems within India and China. Explore how even after the global banking crisis, the bankers still seem to hold all of the cards.
  4. Explore how chaos in the political system can severely impair a country’s growth. What if anything, can world leaders do about this?
  5. Compare and contrast the economic model favored by Norway with the model in Germany. Is one model more effective than the other, discuss?
  6. What impact if anyone, will proposed fracking in parts of Great Britain, have on the U.K. economy.
  7. Can environmentally friendly business policies have a short-term positive effect on the economy? Or are any benefits long-term only.
  8. Can cultural differences impede strategic alliances, or do the benefits outweigh the risks?
  9. Explore ways in which the older generation could be encouraged to embrace online banking. Would a shift in behavior have a significant benefit to the economy? Discuss.
  10. Do budget retailers always have to sacrifice on ethics? Discuss.

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