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5 Keys to Choosing the Best Dissertation Topics

One of your most important academic decisions will be your choice of dissertation topic. You will have to argue this dissertation. And, as you know, some or all of this paper, may be published in trade and industry magazines. You should follow the key five advice tips for picking the best dissertation topic. When picking your topic always defer to your advisor, pick a current topic not a trendy topic, remember that the topic must be supported, love your topic, and do not be afraid to change your dissertation topic.

Defer to Your Advisor

Your advisor is in that position for a reason. They are qualified. You need to listen to your advisor, keep in constant contact with your advisor, and when it comes to picking your topic, defer to your advisor.

Pick a Current Topic, not a Trendy Topic

A current topic is fine for your dissertation. Your topic should not be a trendy topic that will not be of any significance once you finish the paper. Be smart about current events when you pick your topic.

Pick a Topic with Credible Support

Your topic could be absolutely amazing, but if there is no support for the topic, then it does not matter how great it is or how much you love it. The best dissertation topics will have much support. If there is no credible support, then you must change the topic.

Love Your Topic

You will spend more time with your topic than your family when you are writing the dissertation. You must absolutely love your topic or the entire experience may end up being painful.

Do not be Afraid to Change Your Topic

You cannot be afraid to change your topic if the dissertation is not going as you think it should be. Sticking with a topic long after it is apparent that is not a good topic can be a horrible error. You will lose valuable time, by doing this.

Your dissertation is the most important paper you will write in your academic career. As you write your dissertation follow these five key rules. Make sure that you listen to and defer to your advisor, pick a current and not a trendy topic, pick a topic with credible and strong support, love your topic, and do not be afraid to change your topic if necessary.


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