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How To Come Up With Original Dissertation Topics: A Quick Guide

Students have to write a dissertation before they can complete their studies, especially for undergraduate degrees. The prospect of writing a dissertation cab be overwhelming, more so if you do not know where to start. While a lot of students often worry about being able to write the dissertation, the biggest worry should be finding an original dissertation topic.

Importance of an original topic

The need for you to find an original topic is as important as getting as many marks on the task as possible. Your examiners have been around for quite a while, during which they have come across so many topics from students. If you use a topic that has been around for ages, chances are high that you will not get high marks, or your paper will be marked with a lot of scrutiny, looking to weed out any elements of fraud. To be on the safe side, here are a few tips to help you find an original topic:

Think outside the box

While a lot of people will be trying to think in terms of a dream topic, what you should think of is an idea. Think about an idea whose achievement could bring significant changes to those in the environment within which it is being implemented, and you will have overcome the first step.

By thinking of the idea instead of the title, you are in a good position to decide before hand how you want to manifest the idea in your paper, and from there you can start thinking about the topic you want.

Interesting topic

You should select a topic that is reasonably interesting, and related to the idea that you have come up with. There are topics that have been around for so long that if you choose them, you might fail even in your attempt to defend it beyond the proposal stage.

Your topic is supposed to be in a particular order, and should have distinct parts. It should have a subject matter, the scope of the study, and most importantly the dependent and independent variables for it to be a complete and acceptable topic.

When we mentioned earlier on that the topic is supposed to be an interesting one, it should be one that you are enthusiastic about, because if it interests you, it will be easier for you to go the extra mile to find more information to support it.


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