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A Detailed Guide On How To Cite A Dissertation In The MLA Format

Students around the world need to write academic papers following a certain format when they promote to higher grades. When you are in graduate and undergraduate programs, you are supposed to cite the data you have used in your paper in order to get your original conclusions. You must give the credit to the original source from where you took the information in order to avoid plagiarism. Different institutes prefer different style manuals and guides for citing the sources in the paper. MLA stands for modern languages association and is a popular guide for citing the references. You need to make sure that when following this guide you stay close to the instructions and use all the important advice.

If you are to cite a dissertation using the MLA format, you will include the following.

  • The name of the author
  • The title of the paper
  • The school/college that granted the degree
  • The year of publishing
  • The publisher
  • The year when the author received the degree
  1. The first step is to include the name of the author followed by a period. The name should include both first and last name of the author by placing the last name first. For example, if an author named Dania K Shah wrote the dissertation, you would write Shah, Dania K.
  2. Write the title of the work and end it at a period. Write the word Diss after that and add another period. The title of the work needs to be underlined or written in italics
  3. Write the name of the school after the word diss. The school that assigned this degree and the year in which the degree was granted, both separated by a comma and ending at a period. If the name of the school is RCI University and the year is 2009 then your citation so far would look like this Shah, Dania K. title in italics. Diss. RCI University, 2009.
  4. Include the name of the city where this dissertation was published and include a colon after that. Make sure to write the correct spellings and punctuation while writing the name of the city
  5. Finally the last thing in your citation would be the name of publisher who published this paper and the year of publication with a comma in between and a period at the end

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