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The Top 10 Successful Civil Engineering Dissertation Ideas

Mankind has engaged in building projects for centuries. Form the time that agriculture became a large part of survival and created enough calories for a clear division to take place, builders emerged right along with artisans, chefs and rudimentary linguists.

Today, the people who focus on the building and design of things are known as engineers. Along with scientists, professionals in technology and mathematics, they are underrepresented in the job market. That means that if you have found yourself drawn to the field you are already in a position that can lead to high job security and payments. If you are also a member of a group that has historically been under represented in this field you may further have access to scholarship opportunities that can change your life.

Assuming that you have already taken your first steps into the field as a student, you will soon be considering the completion of your dissertation. Here are some points to consider:

Is the idea unique?

Very few ideas are nowadays but yours can at least aim to not follow trends slavishly.

Does it benefit society at large or merely further prop up big industry? Social enterprises are popular nowadays and you may be able to make a name for yourself with them rather than selling out your dreams.

Can I handle it?

No one should stop you from aiming for the stars but if you are concerned about your abilities, sometimes it helps to play it a little safe.

Here are a few topics you could consider giving a try:

  • The resurgence of natural building materials in the green construction sector
  • How the use of human powered vehicles can revolutionize road design
  • Solar and wind as a replacement for grid based power in new buildings
  • Walk-able cities: A solution to modern day traffic congestion
  • Movable bridges: Linking separate states temporarily
  • Solving the problem of flooding with floating buildings
  • Retrofitting older buildings to meet the unexpected challenges of climate change
  • 3D printing and its effects on the use of state policy for low cost housing
  • Redesigning sewerage catchment systems to reflect greater concern for marine life
  • Earth ships: A triumph of modern green engineering and recycling

No topic is perfect for all people everywhere. These represent some of the best you will come across in the field but in the end you and your academic supervisory committee will need to decide if any of these will work for you.


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