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Basic Instructions For Creating A Good Dissertation Abstract

The dissertation abstract is designed to give the reader a clear picture of what the dissertation is about. It should be a summary of the most important points. If your audience read just your abstract, they should know what the entire paper was about. It should not be too long. Most abstracts are between 150 words and 300 words in length. Some schools require that the abstract be a certain length, so it is so important that you find out and follow the rules set by your school.

This is an important part of your paper. It is your first comprehensive presentation of your study and gives you an opportunity to set correct expectations. Here are some things that you will need to know to nail it.

  • The abstract acts as a stand-alone document along with the title in many different places. Therefore, you need to keep that in mind before you just throw it together. Plan out what your audience needs to know about your study to know that it is what they are looking for.
  • The abstract should represent all of the paper’s important features. So, you should have at least a sentence for each of the paragraphs. That would include the introduction section, literature review, the methodology section, the results, and the conclusion.
  • Your research question needs to be presented near the top of your abstract. There should be only three main research question or less to discuss because too many will distract from the overall goal of your piece.
  • Don’t make the most common error that most people make when it comes to writing their dissertation and that is to forget to include the results. The main idea of your paper is to find what you discovered and that idea holds true for your dissertation abstract as well. At least half of your abstract should be focused on presenting the results of your research.

When it comes to writing an effective dissertation, the dissertation abstract is such a vital part. Therefore, it is so important to make sure that you are able to really complete it correctly. These instructions will give you what you need to make sure that you are able to do just that. Be sure to make your abstract represent your paper and show what your study was all about.


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