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5 Things Every Student Should Know About The Dissertation Format

Writing a dissertation is a part and parcel of college and university education. Every student need to write a special paper on his/her subjects that are a valid way to prove how competently has he/she grasped the subject being studied. It is also a great way to see whether the student has the capability to pursue further studies on that subject.

Almost every college follows the same format when it comes to writing a term paper. The students, on the other hand, may face certain dilemmas when it comes to complete the assignment. In this article, we are going to have a general discussion on how to deal with thesis writing format, so that they can be free of their anxiety on writing an essay.

What format is to be followed?

  • Introducing the topic comes at the very first stage. The students need to write the introduction in such manner so that the supervisor understands the motive behind taking up the topic. The students must be able to convince the readers that they are going to get more information of the subject under consideration in the whole article. They should be clear about the objectives of the study in this section. In the next stage comes the literature review section. The students must go through books, journals, online scholarly articles and blogs supporting and providing research evidence on the topic. This will clear the students’ conception about how to approach the topic.
  • The students should clearly write about what methods they are applying to do the research; what sampling methods do they intend to apply and what statistical techniques will be applied to do the analysis of the data.
  • Next comes the most practical section of the proposal, i.e., the data collection and analysis. No fluff information shall be provided in this section, or else, the whole study may become fallacious. The analysed data shall be presented through percentage. They should use scales, tables and columns to represent the quantified version of the collected data, accompanied by a statement.
  • The proposal shall now be concluded with an ending paragraph. This section shall be a summary of the entire work. The students must be careful not to present any new information in this section. It should be only a summary proving the hypothetical statement or the subject of examination.
  • These are the formats that need to be followed for writing a complete thesis. The students can always ask their mentor to lend them a paper from the preceding year as a reference, or they may look for research samples online. There are some online services besides that which can help the students write a dissertation at a cheaper rate.

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