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The Collection Of Great Dissertation Titles In Journalism: 20 Best Recommendations

Journalism is an interesting subject and this industry is getting so strong after the advancements in technology that it has the power to alter destinies and change global perceptions about nations and ideologies. When you decide to study journalism, you must be prepared for hard work, adventure, surprise, outrage, curiosity, and even failures sometimes. To be able to get your advanced level degree in the subject, you need to create a dissertation. The approval of this dissertation will decide whether you qualify for the degree or not.

The topic for dissertation in journalism

The topic of your dissertation is crucial and decides much about the rest of your work. Here is a list of twenty interesting prompts you can use for the topic of your dissertation.

  1. The role of women journalists in the world and how do they get treated across different nations and industries
  2. Yellow journalism- To what extent does this fall under cheating or misguiding the audience and should there be an action against it
  3. The importance of advertisements for newspapers is undeniable but the readers do not need all of them. Why do the readers pay for them then
  4. A journalistic insight to the afghan and Iraq wars and how they have affected the militants and their families
  5. What is the Noam Chomsky Propaganda for journalism and which media industries follow this model
  6. Is the world moving more towards exaggeration and infotainment rather than sticking to true values of journalism
  7. Where do you see journalism in the upcoming years
  8. How does media control and change the political events in a country
  9. The local media in Britain acts more responsibly than the international media
  10. Is it just to create a mountain out of a molehill to create news?
  11. Do you see any contradiction between what you read in the theory and what you observe in the practical industry for media
  12. What is right wing media and journalism
  13. Why do some channels adopt conservative or liberal ends rather than only reporting what is true
  14. The international media is unfair to certain countries and only follows some masters
  15. Public diplomacy in China- what we see
  16. The role of a journalist in presenting an image of his country
  17. Are western or eastern media channels biased
  18. The Tug of war between culture and media
  19. Is journalism losing its core values
  20. The corrupt journalism

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