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The Top 20 Best Dissertation Topics On International Business

You are nearing the end of your studies. You have a few more classes left and you are now working on your dissertation which is a major project. It requires that you create an original study that adds to the overall knowledge of the field. It is so important that you come up with a really strong topic. You will be surprised at how much easier it is to write your paper on international business when you have chosen an interesting topic. Here are some really good suggestions to get you started.

  1. How can a business get their products to the most remote places on the globe?
  2. Can promotions during popular sporting events make a big enough difference in sales to pay for the cost of the ad?
  3. An analysis of major international companies and their acquisitions
  4. Varying approaches to financing in different countries
  5. Varying approaches to obtaining in industries throughout the World
  6. Advantages of a company expanding internationally
  7. How does outsourcing effect the domestic business?
  8. How can a small company compete with international businesses in the same industry?
  9. What are the best ways for a company to learn about how they would have to adapt their products for a new country?
  10. How can you make an international team feel welcome?
  11. What technology can help you make it easier to sell your products in other countries?
  12. Is ecommerce ready to work internationally?
  13. What methods should you use to land an international sale?
  14. What type of business plan should a company have to go global?
  15. How can you manage a company from another continent?
  16. What important things does a company need to understand about taking a company international?
  17. Does some systems need to be in place to protect information from being hijacked by other countries?
  18. What are some great sales-growth strategies for companies vying for international success?
  19. What are the best international networking ideas?
  20. What innovations can be developed to increase international business?

These topics are really the best topics to choose from because they are relevant, current, and exciting. They will make your research a little easier because you won’t be falling asleep as you do it. Once you have narrowed down your topic, you should start an outline to help you organize your ideas. It is really an important step that you don’t want to forget.


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