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Great Dissertation Topics On The Banking Industry: 10 Fresh Ideas

When you are preparing for a career in accounts you will have to submit a dissertation on banking. Now writing a paper on something as complicated and vast as the banking industry can get quite challenging for some students. If you are unable to select a topic for writing your paper then you are in serious trouble. There are so many different possibilities that a student can get quite carried away. And then there are topics which have been done and redone thousands of time. You will have to work on a unique topic with fresh ideas.

Here are some fresh ideas to help you select a topic:

  1. The effect of internet on the banking industry. How they have woken up and have incorporated the various facilities to help their customers.
  2. The various strategies that are being used by banks to lure customers in to opening their account. How is the internet playing a large part in it?
  3. The various scams and frauds that have took place by using internet baking. What is the bank’s stance on it how has the virtual security improved ever since.
  4. Who manages the assets of a bank? How is it managed effectively? Explain with an ideal model.
  5. How was the banking service hit during the recent recession?
  6. The kind of bank that is preferred by small scale businessmen.
  7. What are the various challenges an investor faces when it comes to the banking sector.
  8. The advantages and disadvantages of offshore banking. Why does a customer opt for an offshore bank?
  9. How has the rise in interest rates affected investments in the banking sector?
  10. The reason behind the existence of savings bond and how it works.

These are some of the topics that will act as a prompt once you start looking for fresh topics. There are not entirely new but they are not overly explored either. So you get enough research materials and at the same time the topics is fresh and unique.

To make it more original you can change the angel and explore the topic in a different perspective. Say instead of the perspective of a customer you explain the topic from the viewpoint of one of the clerks in a major bank. But most of the time the information has to be in third person as it has to be more informative than entertaining.


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