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Top 10 Dissertation Topics On Economics: Exploring The World Market

Economists have over the last years looked at the real world problems facing the market. A new set of dissertation topics covering the economical problems has been proposed. These are topics that cover the different approaches that have been used to improve the world market.

  1. Economical Strategies on Improving Tourism Destinations by Overcoming diversity- An Investigation

    Natural disasters like hurricanes and plague have caused havoc in the world today. People have lost jobs leading to increase in criminal activities. Most cities are doing their best to restore their reputation by improving the tourism sector and providing jobs for its citizens.

  2. Branding Consumer Behavior- An analysis of Successful Companies with New Brands of Products

    Most companies in the world are developing a strong brand for products and coming up with a variety of promotional materials. This practice has improved the economy market by creating more jobs and coming up with more interesting products.

  3. Repositioning of the Sale of Fresh Fruits -An Economical approach in the World Market

    This marketing approach has succeeded in attracting different customers all over the world. Shoppers and managers have attested to the positive outcome in the increase of sales due to the repositioning of selling centers.

  4. Creating a Desire to Purchase by Taking Advantage of Low Self Esteem- An Economical Review Based on World Literature

    An essential aspect of marketing services and goods is having the ability to create desire within potential customers. This mostly applies to new products of electronics and telecommunication devices. Some people feel the urge to buy every new product that is introduced and get rid of the old one. Marketers take advantage of this situation by creating new products now and then.

  5. The Effectiveness of Complying with Acceptable Personal Debts and Credit Regulation

    Cheaper lending rates have improved the market by providing for those with temporary financial problems.

  6. New Price Strategic Developments for Retailers During The Inflation Period- Crucial Economical Decisions

    This approach is set to improve the present socio-political decision making process by increasing the price of essential substances like fuel.

  7. Economical Challenges Facing The High Street Market

    High street market approach has helped in the reduction of over congestion in town market centers and improving other streets by building market centers.

  8. Marketing after Health Scares- An Analysis of Winning Back Your Economy

    This is a dissertation based on combining the practical market with business trend awareness. The products directly affecting the health of people like eggs and meat are publicized and alternative medicine and therapy is offered.

  9. Rising from Failure to Success- What the Future Holds For Companies Making Strategic Economical Changes

    Many companies are rising from their past economic failures buy improving on their products and changing management strategies.

  10. Farmers’ Markets- An analysis of the Economical Techniques Employed by Farmers

    The green food market has risen over the years due to the rise in popularity of the advantages of farmers’ products.


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