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A List Of 15 Outstanding Dissertation Topics Related To Vampires

Vampires have been a part of myths for centuries and have mutated to take a central place in modern science fiction. They dominate essays in different levels with specific demands each time the tutor issues writing instructions. With so much to write about vampires, here are fresh topics you might consider for your paper.

  1. The depiction of vampires in Hollywood movies
  2. The myths and legends that have shaped the present day vampire
  3. In defense of the modern day vampire
  4. The history and mutation of vampires in human discourse
  5. The manifestation and fear surrounding vampires and how it shapes how the society responds
  6. Why vampires fascinate a particular generation
  7. Why vampires are associated with immortality
  8. Female vampires and their social acceptance
  9. How modern day films have humanized the idea of vampires
  10. The idea of vampires as depicted in Harry Potter and the Twilight Books Series
  11. How further can the idea of vampires be stretched?
  12. Clinical issues and case studies surrounding the idea of vampires in rural America
  13. Defining a modern day vampire
  14. The film creator who adapted the vampire
  15. A critical analysis of the Dracula story and the Vampire myth

It is not enough to have a captivating title for your paper. It will take more than the title to produce a quality paper. Here are other aspects you have to consider to ensure that your paper stands out.

  • In-depth research- read widely on the idea of vampires. Understand the definition and perception in movies or novels. This will enable you to create a vivid picture of the vampires in your essay. The information given about vampires must be factual and verifiable.
  • Focus on a specific aspect- there is a lot that can be said about vampires. Find an area of interest and focus on it. Being too general in your analysis or synthesis of vampires will deny the reader the benefit of details. Focus ensures that you fully analyze the idea of vampires.
  • Follow standard writing rules- the fact that you are writing on vampires should not turn your essay on vampires into a vague collection of ideas. Ensure that your paper follows strict writing guidelines including a well structured introduction, body and conclusion. It should be well formatted and thoroughly edited to get rid of typographical and grammatical errors.

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