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7 Tips To Keep In Mind When Writing A Doctoral Dissertation In The APA Format

When you are writing a paper in the APA format there are a number of things that you must always take into consideration. These will go a long way in making sure that you are able to not only hand in a good paper, but whoever will be reading the paper will also be in a good position to appreciate your prowess when it comes to handling the style and formatting of the same. While a lot of students struggle with this kind of formatting, most of the time the reason for this is because they do not exactly understand what they are supposed to do. Here in are some of the major points that if you take a keen interest in, you will no longer struggle with writing your paper:

  1. Titles: always make sure that the titles of published material and in particular newspapers, magazines and journals, are written in Italics.
  2. References: The reference section must always be presented double spaced.
  3. All the references that you have used in the paper must not only appear in-text, but they must also be seen in the reference section. When someone reads through your paper, they should be able to cross check all the references and find all of them in order.
  4. Spacing: It is always recommended that you leave a space immediately after every sentence. However, there is some debate around this, with the 6th Edition of the APA writing manual recommending leaving 2 spaces between sentences.
  5. Alphabetical order: When you are writing the material that has been cited in the references section, this will have to be done in alphabetical order. Most of the keen lecturers will take their time and check through this manually, to make sure that you leave nothing to chance.
  6. New Page: Never set the reference section on the same page as another chapter. Ideally, it should start on a brand new page, and the title is supposed to be at the top and in the center.
  7. In-text citation: The conventional format for citing resources in-text still remains the same; you mention the last name of the writer, then the year of publication, for example, (Damir, 2015).

If you can follow some of these simple steps, you should have an easier time writing your paper in this format.


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