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How to Develop Strong Education Dissertation Topics: an Effective Guide

Students of all majors come to that point in their studies as a graduate student where a dissertation must be written. Some students look forward to the time when they will write their dissertation, some dread the moment, some procrastinate the moment, and more still are relatively unconcerned by it. There is no right or wrong way to feel about writing a dissertation. However, no matter how one feels about the matter, the paper must be written nonetheless. Therefore, every student facing a dissertation must consider the topic on which they will write. This article is a comprehensible guide for those in the field of education on developing a strong dissertation topic.

Choosing a Topic

Before a topic can be truly developed, one must be chosen. Choosing a topic is often the most difficult task, but there are a few things to consider that will make the choosing marginally easier. Always chose a topic that you are already or on your way to being very passionate about. For an educational dissertation, it is necessary to narrow down which education level will be used. Pre-school, primary school, collegiate, university, or from a teaching perspective. Other potential topic areas include public school, private school, homeschooling, adult education, online classes, and holistic education.

Potential Topics

  1. Does pre-school truly prepare students for primary schooling or just provide a playtime?
  2. Should students in the primary level be allowed more independent study?
  3. Lowering standards so students can pass or providing better support for those that are struggling?
  4. Should standardized testing be eliminated after secondary education level has been reached?
  5. Do students perform better in a co-ed environment or a gender specific environment?
  6. Should tuition fees continue rise or remain the same? (alternatively “should they be lowered or stay the same” or “should they be lowered or continue to rise”)
  7. Finding a job after graduation; easy or difficult?
  8. What aspects of private schooling are better or worse than public schooling?
  9. Religious education in public schools
  10. Advantages and disadvantages of homeschooling versus public schooling

Developing the Topic

Once a topic has been established, it is time to begin the developing process. To do you take your somewhat broad topic and narrow it down to your main point. Then you develop you point-of-view and the stand you are taking. It must be your voice, but it must also be backed up by the opinions of others.


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