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Where Can I Get MBA Dissertation Examples: Vital Advice?

Of all the postgraduate qualifications available to holders of bachelor’s degrees, the Masters of Business Administration or MBA is the most popular. This is partially because there are so many versions of it. There are specialisations available if Entrepreneurship, Business Management and Tourism just to name a few. It’s offered in Ivy League schools as well as degree mills.

When you near the end of the program, you may need to complete a dissertation. This is no easy feat and requires a great deal of research and time. It can also require a very deep understanding of the academic writing style your professor requests the assignment to be written in. One of the most effective ways to get your paper in order is to get your hands on a few samples. They show you what good work looks like so you can compare your progress and know where you’ve gone wrong. Here are some places where you can look for one.

The college

Samples and other academic resources should be provided to you by whatever institute you are learning with if they’re worth their salt. They should actually be letting you know what options are available to you and encouraging you to access them. If not, they should at least respond positively when you make a request.

Your fellow students in the program

Some batches of students aren’t very promising and you may find yourself alone in your search for samples. If so, don’t bother asking your colleagues for help. On the other hand, they may have been hard at work compiling samples for months which you can gain access to if you make the request. You may be able to trade and pool resources.

A good old fashioned online search

The dissertation samples you discover using a web search will be very varied. Some will not even be available in their full form so despite being exceptional will be of very little use to you. Others may be complete but absolutely horrible and you will instinctively not want to taint your own writing style by prolonged exposure to them. Getting the best useable ones from this process will require you to look at each one. The ones with glaring errors will reveal themselves quickly. Other may take some time to show you their unsuitability.

By the end of this you will be able to write well enough to rival the examples you used.


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