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A List Of Unexplored Dissertation Topics For Finance Students

The difficulty of finding a unique dissertation topic

When it comes to thinking of unique essay topics it can sometimes seem almost impossible to find an area that is completely unexplored. With millions of essays having been written over time, the chances of finding an area that has not been written about before are fairly slim, particularly when it comes to subjects that haven’t changed much over time.

There are many aspects, theories and methods relating to finance which have been used for decades, if not centuries. Therefore, it can be useful to look at the financial situation in a local area or how a new company is taking a certain financial approach to things. In this way, you may be able to write about things which others have not done so yet before.

Looking from a fresh perspective of previously explored dissertation topics

As well as trying to look for fresh, current ideas based on recent events or newly formed companies, another way of creating unique ideas is to look at pre-existing dissertation topics, but doing so from a new perspective. Whilst the general area that you may be writing about may have been explored before, it may be that there are specific areas that haven’t been written about before. Equally, you can take multiple financial situations which may have been written about individually, but by comparing and contrasting them, you may be to come up with a unique and unexplored area.

Finance topics that can be used as the basis of a dissertation

Some wide ranging topics are listed below. Although these areas have been explored in detail on many occasions, it is possible to expand them in order to create a unique idea that has not been explored before.

  • The growth in the Chinese economy
  • Repercussions of the financial crisis at the beginning of the 21st Century
  • How the global economy will change when oil starts running out
  • How much wealth does the world’s richest 1% actually own?
  • The best comparisons to truly measure wealth and poverty between countries
  • What impact will the US debt have on the global economy

Researching and reading other dissertations to help find unique topic

To help give you some ideas about how to expand upon a topic, it can be useful to read and research previously written dissertations. By finding out about what other people written about before, not only will it give you an understanding of what areas to avoid, bit it can also help to spark some ideas of your own.


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