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Where To Find An Online Dissertations Database Accessible For Free

Are you looking for dissertations online that you can use to get ideas from? Then locating a database that has a whole horde of them is your best bet. What’s more with the number of options available online you can get access to these databases for free – all that’s left is figuring out where to look. For some suggestions of the best places to look for free dissertation databases read on.

Free Academic Databases

There are both free and paid academic databases online for people to find dissertations. The free ones are just as good as the paid ones, and you’ll be able to locate thousands of them. Furthermore, the layout of these databases is very informative. You’ll get information on what to expect within the dissertation, and the search function allows the specific dissertation you need to be picked out. The categorization of the databases is one of the more attractive features of a free academic database.

File Sharing Website

A file sharing website in effect is like a database for many different types of files – including dissertations. A lot of file sharing websites are free to access, and therefore you have a free dissertation database at your fingertips.

The only thing to watch out for is the quality of the dissertations that you come across. Some might be poor, and some really good. Perhaps dissertations that have already been graded are a more reliable source to take ideas from.

Public Library Websites

Some public library websites will have a section where they store a whole horde of dissertations accessible to anyone who wants them. You’ll find that the databases at libraries are very organized which means finding the right type of dissertation for your needs is going to be straightforward.

However, not all public library websites are free of charge, so you might have to visit a few of them before you find one that offers a free dissertation website.

University Websites

A lot of universities will upload the work their students have completed onto an official university website. This could be for a variety of reasons such as easy access for other students, and so that they can be used as references by students in future years.

Some universities might password protect these databases so that only the student have access to them. Whereas, other ones might allow access to anyone who happens to find the database. Therefore, take the time to look though a bunch of official university websites to see if you can locate a few free dissertation databases.


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