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How To Download A Sample Master’s Dissertation For Free

However paradoxical it may seem, quality master’s dissertations are easier to find online and download for free than most other kinds of papers. The reason is that dissertations are considered part of general scientific knowledge on a respective discipline. Thus, they are stored in governmental and university databases, which are completely free to use, legal, and reliable.

  • Visit governmental dissertation databases.
  • Begin your search with the Library of Congress online guide that contains links to trustworthy dissertation databases all around the world. By short annotations, you can choose the websites that best suit your purpose. Some databases might have master’s theses in a particular area of knowledge, e. g. Medical or Social Sciences, while others – only dissertations from a particular country or state.

  • Search university databases.
  • Your university may have a large collection of master’s dissertations previously submitted by students. Use your student ID number to access it online and download any samples for free. You might not be able to see which grade a particular dissertation has received (this information is considered to be confidential), but at least you can rest assured that all papers are genuine and successfully defended. If you can’t find what you are looking for in your university’s online library, try browsing the dissertation databases of other universities, such as MIT or the University of Maryland.

  • Use a customized search engine.
  • Customized search engines were developed specially to help students discover theses and dissertations online in all subject areas. They index open-access scholarly databases, including those of universities, and publications be leading “think tanks” and NGOs. One of the largest customized engines, the one based on Google, has over 1,000 free dissertation resources available, with 90% of them providing full texts.

  • Check every website’s conditions.
  • While governmental and university databases are completely free to use, conditions in other types of dissertation libraries may vary. You might be allowed to read full text online for free, but to download a PDF, you will have to pay. To avoid disappointment, check the website terms before you start looking for relevant examples.

  • Look a good dissertation up across databases.
  • If you have discovered a great thesis example in a database that requires you to pay for a full-text PDF file, try looking the same dissertation up in other databases that you know to be free. Search by the author’s name or by exact phrase from the title. Some dissertations might be stored in more than one library, e. g. in an inter-library one and that of the university where they were submitted.


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