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How To Stand Out With Your Undergraduate Dissertation Topic

A topic is a very important part of your dissertation. If you choose a dull or banal topic, your project will not be interesting and novel enough.

The Importance of an Interesting Topic

An interesting topic is good for you in the first turn. If you have chosen the best available topic, your dissertation will definitely be outstanding. You need to choose a topic that makes you feel interested. Only in this case, you will be interested in the process of researching and writing. Of course, your interest will help you find more catchy information to attract the attention of your readers. That’s why, the first criterion that you need to keep in mind when choosing a topic for your project is your own interest.

Features of an Outstanding Topic

If you really want to stand out with your project topic, make sure that it has one or several of the following features.

  1. The problem that this topic reflects has not yet been overly explored.

    If you choose to research an area or a problem that has already been explored through and through, your dissertation will hardly stand out among other projects dedicated to the same topic. You can win only in case you are able to provide a completely new point of view on the subject or revolutionary new findings that are received due to the application of unexpected methods.

  2. The topic is researched in the absolute minority of papers within the area.

    All areas have problems and aspects that need more research. To choose a good topic and research direction, you need to study the area and the projects that have already been written. The problems that are explored in only a few works, especially in previous years, should receive more of your attention.

  3. The topic does not match another students’ choice.

    It’s absolutely impossible to stand out in case you have a topic that is similar to another student’s one. Two papers that are dedicated to the same subject is a failure; more than two are a catastrophe.

  4. The topic is novel and interesting even if it’s located on the verge of two areas.

    It often happens that students have to choose a topic that lies on the verge of two areas. If your supervisor doesn’t mind, you can pick out such a topic. It’s very likely that there will be no or very few similar ones, so your paper will definitely stand out. Yet, you need to remember that you may need to have deep knowledge in both the attached areas.


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