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Writing The Best History Dissertation: Simple Rules To Follow

Once you have picked your dissertation topic for your history degree, you want to make sure that you follow some very specific rules. Some of these rules deal with your department and some of them deal with your university. Each department and each university has very specific requirements for obtaining this higher level degree. Once you have gotten approval for your topic, you must then meet with your faculty advisor. You and your advisor will want to map out your schedule for the next year of your life as you prepare to write the best history dissertation that you possibly can. As you write this dissertation, please follow our very simple 5 rules for success.

  1. Work on the piece every day-make sure that you touch your project at least once a day. You should have built in extra days for when you are sick or emergencies occur, but you must work on the piece on a daily basis.
  2. Do your interviews first-over interview and interview first thing in the process. The last thing that you want to do is to scramble for interviews late in the process. Get as many credible interviews as you can, and do them first off. If you can’t interview early in the process, at least make the appointments early in the process.
  3. Do not miss deadlines- you should have personal deadlines, your advisor will have deadlines, and your college will also have them. It is imperative that you do not miss any of these deadlines. This is the most important paper in your career, now is not the time to miss due dates.
  4. Check the accuracy-since this is a history dissertation, you need to make sure all names, dates, and locales mentioned in your piece are accurate. Check and re-check all of these things. Your work will look shoddy if you have the wrong dates, names, or locations.
  5. Meet often with your faculty advisor-you need to become your faculty advisor’s best friend. It is best if you can schedule future meeting times at the first meeting you have with him or her. If you need to have a meeting, you do not want to wait weeks for an opening in his or her schedule. Make all appointments very early in the process.

As you write this very important paper, follow our five very simple and easy rules. Before you know it, you will be finished and awarded with your advanced degree.


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