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Some Basic Do's And Don'ts Of Writing A Dissertation Proposal

While you are writing a dissertation proposal, you need to follow certain guidelines. Often we have seen that writing a proposal gives goose bumps to a student because he/she can’t make out what points need to be included and what not. You may be so engrossed in deciding your topic and weighing all the variables related to writing the assigned work that you often forget about concentrating on the framework for the writing. As a result, when you submit your proposal, it falls flat or is straightaway rejected because it has failed to adhere to the required guidelines.

To avoid those situations, we will discuss some do’s and don’ts you need to follow while writing a thesis.


  • Make sure you follow the layout of your dissertation as told by your invigilator in the class. Begin properly with an introduction and end with a definite conclusion. You may be required to write an acknowledgment; listen to what your guide is telling.
  • Always jot down the points you will require to write in the paper if you can’t remember all of them.
  • The analytical tools and scales shall be properly illustrated as shown by the invigilator. Stick to that or else you will lose marks.
  • Remember the format or the writing style your invigilator needs from you. There are many formats available where you have to put footnotes, endnotes, brackets, ibid, etc. This must essentially be reflected in your paper.
  • Make your research sound scientific. There shall be enough logical evidence in support of your work.


  • There shall not be any grammatical error or spelling mistakes. If the basic construction of the sentence is erroneous, the whole write up will be meaningless.
  • No new point shall be included in the conclusion.
  • Your work should be to the point and precise as per the requirements of your guide. If you go into excessive elaboration, your guide will lose interest.
  • Don’t forget to maintain the word count.
  • Don’t write something you are not certain about. Because that will be reflected in the writing. It will then be useless to the reader or guide who was thinking that some compact and proven information can be acquired from your writing.

These are some of the do’s and don’ts you need to maintain while writing a dissertation. It is imperative that you must show your draft of the writing to your mentor for checking whether you have maintained the exact formats or not. This will also help you avoid any future confusion. If you are still not sure, you can hire a professional assignment writer for writing the study on your behalf.


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