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The Top 20 Compelling Management Dissertation Topics

Having to write a dissertation is time-consuming and difficult. It is without a doubt one of the most important things that you will ever write during your academic career. And yet, perhaps the hardest part of the whole process is trying to decide on what your topic is going to be. You want to find something that is not only unique, but also memorable. Management dissertation topics may even be harder to think of than others. In order to help you out a little bit, here are 20 different compelling management dissertation topics to give you a place to start that are adaptable if you have certain companies in mind.

  1. How to handle project performance and complexity successfully.
  2. Being prepared. How to plan ahead for the tough times in your business.
  3. The global visibility of Visa and MasterCard and how they help to facilitate worldwide transactions.
  4. Facilitating a healthy global business environment with the use of social networking: The case of ( choose company name).
  5. Employee performance, attitude, and the organizational structure.
  6. Corporate and government practices and policies that are geared towards environmental conservation. Is going Green the answer?
  7. A stable market due to nationalist principals: Should ( choose company name) be worried about globalization?
  8. Outsourcing in the sub-continents: Benefits and risks.
  9. What basis do organizations compete on? Analyzing differentiation in U.S. universities.
  10. Human resources practices with consideration to intercultural differences and the effect on maximum performance.
  11. How will the leadership strategy of a firm affect international expansion?
  12. Is the prevention of monopolies by policies of the state a plus to the business sector?
  13. A study on how the practices and policies of different companies both improve competitiveness and enhance community conditions such as economic status.
  14. Identifying the influences and factors which have helped business leaders in China to effectively expand into other countries.
  15. An examination of how outsourcing offshore is effective at addressing customer needs.
  16. Establishing a universal guide aimed at addressing the cultural differences in customers.
  17. How to effectively develop a strategy for social media resources in marketing plans.
  18. An examination of corporate value chain structure importance for international market framework adaptation.
  19. A study on how resource based techniques can be used as leverage for attaining success over the long term.
  20. A study on the expertise needed by leaders in order to manage relationships with shareholders.

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