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20 MSC Marketing Dissertation Ideas That Will Impress Your Professor

MSC Marketing Dissertation:

MSC Marketing is an excellent option to make a successful career. It is a very interesting field to research and you will also have a good time in dealing with your dissertation. It will never bore you like other papers where you just have to be next to your computer all the time. Rather, in marketing you will be most of the time in the field interacting with different businesses and customers for filling up questionnaires which are an important part of your paper. Apart from questionnaires, here are several other aspects of the paper as well which can be challenging. The basic requirements need to be met for your paper which is always your prime consideration. The most important thing that the students need to deal with is the selection of their topic. It takes time and all effort and time you invest in this process is worth it. It is because your topic will lay the foundation of your paper. If the topic selection is right, then most of the things will go right in your favor that comes afterwards.

Top 20 MSC marketing topic ideas:

The following are the best topic ideas for MSC marketing:

  1. Will the loyalty card scheme die in the near future?
  2. Do the luxury and expensive good retailers need to market their products more than other businesses?
  3. How should a business transform their customer services with time?
  4. Is the Affiliate Marketing the next big thing for the businesses?
  5. What is your idea about the relationship between brand equity and perceived risk?
  6. Does unethical customer service affect your business a lot?
  7. What is the relevance of corporate social responsibility in businesses?
  8. How can different types of innovations help brands?
  9. What are the most underrated marketing ideas that can do well?
  10. Does product unavailability for a few days affect brand?
  11. Should small business invest a lot on marketing?
  12. Is brand repute enough to make or retain clients?
  13. Is the accent of telemarketers an important factor to consider in online marketing?
  14. Are toll free numbers the best solution for effective telemarketing?
  15. How the marketing plan changes when a company goes global?
  16. What are the motivational factors that urge them to buy a product?
  17. Is Word of Mouth Marketing still relevant?
  18. Can marketing strategies work for years without updating?
  19. Can a good marketer sell a bad product?
  20. What are the marketing ethics that the marketers should follow?

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