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20 Outstanding Multimedia Computing Dissertation Ideas

If you are writing a multimedia computing dissertation, you might be struggling with how to pick the perfect topic. If you are, have no fear. Take time to look over the list below and pick something that has been approved by your advisor. The last thing you want to go with the topic or an angle which does not have support through academic sources, or even worse, to pick a topic or angle whose direction is directly opposite what the current publications support.

Consider the topics below:

  1. You can write a paper which discusses the different algorithms used for indexing databases full of multimedia information
  2. You can review the visual complex hierarchal structures which take place inside of computing
  3. You can review the techniques used in software in a country of your choosing
  4. You can create a paper which focuses on how the value of knowledge management can be improved through the use of information technology
  5. You can review the Manner in which risk can be managed throughout software development
  6. You can focus your paper on how to design information systems for oil storage companies
  7. You can review the impact that signal strength actually has for wireless links
  8. You can review how peer-to-peer streaming applications are managed
  9. You can write about the implementation of security software and frameworks for web services
  10. You can discuss the distributed software environment development for certain technologies
  11. You can write about the serialization of modular data
  12. You can write a paper about the evolution of heuristic algorithms used for clusters or computing Association rules
  13. You can review the impact that the Internet has had on current users of library systems
  14. You can write about the impact that full text databases currently has on users and their shopping carts
  15. You can discuss the nature through which web space requirements of changed over the last 10 years
  16. You can discuss the manner in which change has been managed on the Internet
  17. You can discuss how e-learning information systems are built
  18. You can write a paper about the methodology used for Internet-based services in a virtual environment
  19. You can discuss social networking tools that are used to gather information about users
  20. You can write about government policies toward Internet use and privacy data

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