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Searching For Resources Providing Free Theses And Dissertations Online

Writing a thesis or dissertation is an important role in any student's academic career. These papers need to make a compelling point and be backed up with facts and reliable information. But where can a student turn to for help when it comes time to getting the proper formats and general feel of what these papers are comprised of? Check out the following tips to searching for resources providing free theses and dissertations online.

Online Libraries

College and universities usually have an online library that student's are able to log into and use for free. Here you will find a variety of resources, including examples of past student's theses and dissertations. Look over several samples to get an idea of what is included in this paper, how it is formatted and anything else you may be questioning. Browsing through the online library is an excellent way to get a feel for how you are going to proceed with your own paper.

Search Engines

Another way to find free theses and dissertation examples is to let your search engine do the work. Simply type in your keywords then see what pops up. You will be presented with a number of options, but don't stop with the first site. Peruse several of your options to see which ones best fits your topic and layout.

Online Forums

Online forums can also be a useful tool when searching for free paper examples. These boards are there for you to post a question, then is opened up for all involved to give you an answer. However, check out the resources provided by others carefully as they may not all be legitimate.


Although, finding a person in the profession you are writing about may be a long shot and perhaps the most difficult to obtain, it would be an invaluable source in the writing of your own thesis or dissertation. Most people are happy to talk about themselves, so making a query to a professional to gain some insight is an excellent way to get your questions answered and perhaps even gain a better insight into the writing of your own paper.

Don't leave writing your thesis or dissertation to chance. Follow these tips to locating a free example of these important papers, then get busy writing your own. A little bit of research will not only save you stress and frustration down the road, but it will put you on the path to writing a stellar thesis or dissertation.


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