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Dissertation Topics On Environment: 20 Original Suggestions

A useful collection of some interesting themes to develop for your academic writing purposes!

Since the early 1970s, the debates in pertinence to the environment have been legion. Be it the fight of Clair Patterson versus the Big Oil, or the issues in relation to the scientific providence of the continental shift, the topics of environment have been driving forces, driving forces to the creation of a very alive sentience in the educated population of today in regards to their relationship to mother Gaea.

This article contains a few dissertation topics on environment that you could use either for reference, or develop, as they are further:

  1. The fight of Clair Patterson against the Big Oil: How Clair saved the Earth from lead poisoning.
  2. The fight of Clair Patterson against the Big Oil: How Clair voyaged to the frigid corners of both the Artic and Antarctic poles to find the truth.
  3. Carbon Dating: The application of carbon dating ice samples from the north and the south poles to determine the global pollutions levels with relativistic accuracy.
  4. The operational dynamics of garbage collection in modern metropolitan cities.
  5. The imagery of hills of wastes in Indian metropolitan cities as an exhibition of pre-colonial London.
  6. An investigation into the methods adopted in offices to manage waste disposal.
  7. A feasibility study as to the practicality of the wind energy generation projects proposed off the cost of Scotland.
  8. A brief history of genetically modified crops: How common specious perceptions inhibit tapping the true potential offered by GM crops.
  9. A quantitative study of domestic rainwater harvesting projects.
  10. The use of deodorants and their role in the ozone hole.
  11. Red Mite Infestation: A detailed quantitative study of poultry health and their predisposition to red mite infestation.
  12. The 3 Rs from the perspective of a four-year old living in modern metropolitan areas.
  13. The implications of underutilization of resources on the synthetic biodiversity in urban areas.
  14. Repurposing disposed desks from public schools.
  15. The synapse between public knowledge and actual scientific environmental fact.
  16. The economic theory of environmental degradation in Brazilian rainforests.
  17. The relentless tectonic activities of Japan.
  18. The tragedy of Nepal 2015.
  19. A comparison of the destruction from earthquakes in the north and south Americas.
  20. A comparison of hazard to tropical cyclones between the US and the UK.

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