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How To Make A PhD Thesis Cover: Step-By-Step Instructions

In order to understand how to make a PHD thesis cover, there are several steps that you need to go through. While there is no standard format for making the cover, it is important to understand that the format will usually be prescribed by the institution’s regulations. Nevertheless, most formats have some significant degree of similarity and this can be gleaned from other papers in the college library. In some colleges, PHD students are usually provided with a template that includes all the sections of the paper.


The first thing that should appear on the cover of your PHD thesis cover is the title of your paper. The title is normally centred at the top of the cover page of your paper. The title of your paper should be clear and precise because it acts to inform the reader about the general topic of the paper. The title should not be too long and it should not be too short as well. Additionally, the title should be in all capital letters, bold and centred.


The next section of the paper is the full names of the author/s, including the middle name. This section should also be centred. Before writing the author/s’ name, you need to begin by writing the phrase “Presented by”. The names should also be in all capitals and bold. The names should be in order of the first name, middle name and surname.

After entering the author/s’ names, you need to enter the details about who the paper is presented to. In this section, you need to write the official name of the committee, division or department under which the paper was written. This section should also be centred but does not require the use of bold text.

Degree Program

The next section involves stating the details of the degree program. A typical phrase that is used in this section is “in partial fulfilment of the requirements for the degree of Doctor of Medicine in the subject of...” This section should also be centred but does not require the use of bold fonts.


The next section is the academic institution of the author. This section should be centred but not bolded. In this section, you should write the name of the college/university and the physical location of the institution.

Date of Submission

The final section of the PHD thesis cover is the date of submission of the paper. The date should include the month and the year of submission. This section should also be centre aligned but not bolded. All the text should be double spaced.


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