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Coming Up With Fresh Physical Geography Dissertation Ideas

A dissertation on geography needs to be exciting, in depth and original. Remember the reason you wanted to study geography in the first place. You can probably find a topic idea in one of your passions for this industry. But if you want to broaden your research or can’t find something else interesting, then keep reading. Having lots of options is a great way to find the best topic. You should devote enough time at the beginning to finding the right topic for you, because it’s a lot harder to change it once to start working on it. It would waste time to switch after doing a lot of your research already.

Topic ideas for geography dissertations

  1. A history of California’s geography: coastal ranges
  2. Animal habitat in the Himalayas
  3. Samoan agriculture
  4. City growth and history of San Francisco
  5. Landscape and sea geography of Latvia
  6. Plantations and settlement of Barbados
  7. Chilean cement industry and economic geography
  8. Nicaragua’s upland pine forests
  9. Rock varnish and dating characteristics
  10. Shark fishery in Hawaii
  11. Oakland industrialization with bakeries
  12. Salt trade and history in the Turks Islands
  13. Development in Queensland
  14. An analysis of water crisis in historical Russia
  15. Evolution of rice farming in Hokkaido, Japan
  16. America’s involvement in Australia’s cotton industry
  17. Settlement patterns of Mormons 1830-1900
  18. Wheat in California in 19th century: influences on trade and export
  19. Indonesian cities handling of solid waste
  20. Change in vegetation due to human movement in Turkey

Writing about geography

Above there are several topic ideas you can use for your thesis writing. Talk to your advisor or a professor about ones that you’re interested in to get their opinion. It’s important to figure out which topics you’ll have the most success with before you do any of the work, because this project is a big commitment.

Thinking about your work with another person is a great way to brainstorm and talk things through. If you feel stuck or are struggling any time in the process, you should get help. There are lots of people who can help you with the writing, researching, organizing, or editing of your project, if only you ask. You could even find another student in geography who is writing a similar topic and both collaborate to assist each other with your work.


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