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How To Find Potential Dissertation Topics: Expert Advice

Finding a good topic for your dissertation is as important as drafting the paper. It is the topic that will guide all your activities including research materials, areas, supervisor, etc. Choosing a topic is also likely to delay your work for weeks or months to the point of affecting its completion. It goes beyond finding a statement that you like or you think is appropriate. Experts give the following recommendations when choosing a topic for your paper.

Make it Relevant

The topic for your paper should seek to add value to the academic field as well as the lives of people. As such, it should be relevant to the current generation. In essence, you should only write your paper if it will provide a solution to an existing social problem. Without such, the paper will be a waste of time and resources.

Choose a Fresh Topic

There are numerous topics you can choose for your dissertation. However, not all will give you an easy time when writing or capture the imagination of your reader. Choose a topic that is yet to be studied. Common topics are mundane and considered a waste of time by scholars. It does not make any sense to write a paper in an area that has been studied over and over.

Be Precise

The topic you choose should set clear boundaries of what you are going to study. It should include details that are important in your field and exclude those that will not add any value to your work. Avoid a very narrow topic since it does not give you the opportunity to fully explore or express your ideas. On the other hand, a very wide topic leaves you with too much to say that your reader will not be satisfied.

Stick to Your Area of Interest

A topic in an area that you are passionate about will make your dissertation writing easier and enjoyable. It also gives you a chance to explore your ideas and provides insight that enables you to produce a captivating paper. Passion is the best motivation that will keep you working even when fatigue kicks in.

Your supervisor and the committee are put in place to help you through the dissertation writing process. Their assistance begins at the point of choosing an appropriate topic. With their experience and expertise, they will help you come up with a good topic for your paper.


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