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writing strategies for future PhD holders

How to find a proper topic for my Doctoral dissertation

A proper topic for a doctoral dissertation is worth pondering. You want to get connected with a topic you can write and present well. This means you need some ideas on what is suitable for your paper based on guidelines for the assignment.

Talk to Colleagues to See What They Are Thinking

You can learn a few things about selecting a good topic. Many colleagues will want to know what others are doing. You can discuss potential ideas and share your thoughts. You may be able to exchange topics. You can learn about something someone else is doing and get an idea of what to do on your own. You can also brainstorm together and share what you come up with and help each other find a topic. Ask those for advice on how they got their idea if they already know what they want to write about.

Seek Sample Ideas from Previously Written Dissertation

School websites (colleges and universities) will have links to dissertations previously written by other students. You can read over them to get ideas on what to write about. There are many ideas that have complex concepts behind them that look interesting. You can get an idea of what is expected from you and how such samples were chosen to be featured on the site. Some topics can take a good amount of time to write. You can have this in mind as you think about what you want to write. You can visit websites of different schools to gather potential ideas. There are also writing websites (some school affiliated) that offer advice on how to develop a topic for your dissertation.

Think about Personal Interests and How to Make Them Fit into Guidelines

Your personal interests are important to this aspect and should be considered. If you are not writing about something that interests you, the project will be difficult to complete. Your guidelines will help you select a topic you can write about. But, if you have a hard time selecting something of interest you can consider what you have learned so far or what you would like to learn more about. You can discuss ideas with your instructor and get advice on how to choose the write topic.


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