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Sociology Dissertation Topics- Exploring Current Issues

When you are nearing the end of your degree program, you will be asked to start working on your dissertation. This is an extensive study that you must conduct on an aspect in your field of study. It should be a unique study that will add to the overall knowledge on the information for that field of study.

One of the best ways to tackle deciding on a topic to write your paper on is to choose a topic that explores a current sociological issue. When you choose a current issue, you are more likely to choose a unique one that has not been studied extensively so you will be able to create a study that has not been previously done. You have to be careful though because you will still need to be able to find enough resources to conduct your study effectively.

Here are some dissertation topics on current sociological issues:

  • Impact of self-presentation on self-esteem
  • Effects of Snake Oil Sociology
  • Representation of the sociology of the teen: “Girls”
  • Telephone etiquette and social changes
  • Plane passenger etiquette: How not to act on a plane
  • Discuss Humanity’s Global Effects
  • The situation for kids: effects of inequality
  • Effects of taboo: Study of religiously influential people

You may also be able to find more topics in a sociology magazine. It will be filled with many different topics on current events. You can also see that there are many websites designed to talk about current events related to the field. These are two great places to search for ideas if you don’t find the ones in this list interesting.

Once you have decided on your topic, it will be necessary to write your proposal. It will include a summary of the sources that you will use to back up your topic. Therefore, you should get an early start and when you find a resource, you should write down the complete biographical information along with a brief synopsis of the source. That way when it comes to this portion of the assignment, you won’t have to find that source again if you don’t remember exactly what the entire paper was on. It is a great way to keep organized and to present a great proposal for your paper. Plus if you keep a good record of what resources you use, you will not have to worry about trying to assemble all of that knowledge for the bibliography.


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