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10 Ideas On How To Increase The Efficiency Of Your Thesis And Dissertation Writing

Writing a dissertation equips you with a unique experience and to increase the efficiency of your thesis and dissertation writing, you need to focus on many aspects. Following are top 10 striking ideas to make your journey fruitful

  1. Paying focus on structure of thesis/dissertation: The conventional way of writing a dissertation is to write book in the form of chapters in an organized form beginning with title page and heading towards the abstract. Discuss the content dividing it into chapters. Consider the topic of your project and describe the methodology employed. Analyze the data and go through the discussion. In the end write the whole list of references employed in the thesis. Mention appendices to get high appreciation for your project.
  2. Timely start: Starting the writing early will give you enough time to organize your thoughts and plan ahead. When you start on time, fresh ideas emerge and you can jot down them on a piece of paper. Timely beginning will give you enough time to bring perfection.
  3. Drafting: The first time when you write, it is hardly perfect and it needs to be drafted minimum two to three times before final submission.
  4. Psychological trick: When we begin writing for the first time, it is more of a psychological trick that keeps us motivated to pursue our journey while drafting the subsequent drafts.
  5. Supervisor check: Finish drafting as soon as possible and get it checked through your supervisor. The errors pointed by him will help you correct your mistakes.
  6. English language support: Get your writing reviewed by a native English speaker if you are not a native writer and ask feedback for recurring writing mistakes.
  7. Attend Writing courses: Many universities organize such courses and you can get benefitted by them and improve on your writing style.
  8. Reading qualified thesis or dissertation writing: Read a few samples of dissertation writing on web and pick up their academic styles and eventually use those patterns in your own.
  9. No plagiarism: Plagiarism can waste all your time, money and energy spent. Never do it intentionally or unintentionally. Instead rephrase the content.
  10. Formatting guidelines: Various universities have their own guidelines and hence it is important that before beginning your writing, you go through them, so that you do not have to format your content again and again. However, most of the time, a few things are common and they are 1.5-2.0 inch of lining space, font size-12 for texts and getting it printed on A4 size paper.

Follow these steps and stay in limelight with your writing.


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