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A List Of Good Thesis Topics In Psychology: 20 Great Suggestions

When you create a thesis in psychology, it is crucial to present the information in an understandable way. Many students use terms that are perfect for an academic paper, but any of your classmates will not understand that. To successfully analyze a concept, you need to explain all the aspects that are surrounding it and to be sure that every issue is clear. If you are searching for an interesting topic to approach, check out these suggestions:

  1. Types of personality. Each one of us has a different personality that is directed by our genes and influenced by our environment. Present the characteristics of each one and help your classmates find their type.
  2. How our blood type is influencing our personality. There are many studies that show how people with the same blood group, also have very similar characteristics and habits.
  3. Types of parenting. Usually, when the parents are severe, the children tend to be rebels, especially when they are teenagers.
  4. Dealing with anxiety. So many teenagers don’t know that their condition is very common, and it can be treated. Present the symptoms.
  5. Color therapy. It is recommended especially for people who can’t communicate verbally, and we can apply the principles in our daily life.
  6. Short and long term memory. How each one of these function? Are there any things we can do to improve our memory?
  7. Oedipus complex. It started from an ancient myth, but it became one of the most known concepts in psychology.
  8. Dreams. Why are we dreaming and what dreams really mean? There are many things we can find out about ourselves from the dreams that we have.
  9. Love. Science explains love a bit different than we expect. Is it only attachment and chemistry?
  10. Leadership. There are people who are born to be leaders, and others prefer to work as part of the team.
  11. Autistic children. Discuss about their condition and how does the community perceive them.
  12. Manipulation and persuasion. Mention the differences and the similarities.
  13. Nonverbal communication. We communicate much more than we think, even when we are not actually talking.
  14. Phobias. There are so many people who are afraid of ordinary things without any rational explanation. Explain this issue.
  15. Antisocial personality disorder. This condition makes some people unfriendly, and most of them don’t even realize that they actually have a disease.
  16. Depression. How can we help people that suffer from depression?
  17. Aromatherapy. We can apply principles of aromatherapy without too much effort, but with great effects.
  18. Emotional eating. This is one of the causes of obesity in teenagers. How can we control it?
  19. Discrimination. It is extremely common even in the most developed countries.
  20. Hypnosis. It became more and more popular in the last years, and it is used to treat a wide variety of conditions.

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