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The Best Topic Ideas For Your Dissertation On 1984

The year 1984 is one of the most iconic years in history. There are so many things that happened in that year which will help you craft an awesome paper in the process. However, we are not talking about 1984 the year, we are talking in this case about 1984, the study book by George Orwell. This is a study text that you will chance upon in most literature classes. If you are a literature student, take your time and go through some of the George Orwell books; you will come to learn so much from them. The following are some useful ideas about 1984 that you can put into context when you are writing:

  • Discuss the role of Winston and Julia, comparing and contrasting their parts in the story. Explain how their rebellion against the party manifests, and discuss the effectiveness of their rebellion.
  • Winston eventually destructs, as would be expected. With an inference to his eventual defeat, trace back the path to his destruction, highlighting the earlier signs of his ruin.
  • Discuss how technology manifests in Oceania. Explain the areas where technology has been highly advanced.
  • Discuss citing examples areas in Oceania where technology has failed or stalled, and provide reasons why this is the case.
  • Big Brother has an important role to play in Oceania, and in particular in the life of Winston. Discuss the importance of Big Brother in the life of Winston and in Oceania according to your perspective.
  • The governance of the Party and Oceania comes to a contradiction in so many areas. Of special note are the Ministry of Peace, Ministry of Plenty, Ministry of Truth and Ministry of Love. Explain how and why some of these contradictions are widely accepted.
  • What is the importance of O’Brien in the life of Winston? Explain why he is considered a revered individual, and commands so much respect, especially when Winston was serving in the Ministry of Love.
  • There is a prole woman singing behind the apartment of Mr. Charrington in the yard. What is the symbolism of her appearance in the story? What are the representations that she brings forth for Julia and Winston?
  • 1984 has been highly considered by lots of experts and critics as a warning by Orwell to the world about the future and the modern era. What are the major warnings that he pushes through his work, and how does he manage to do this?

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