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The Top 20 Law Dissertation Topics: Getting Help For Free Is Easy

Figuring out a law dissertation topic can be difficult. Many students have never had to write long essays in the past, so they are unable to grasp the entire writing process. Before the paper be truly started, the student must figure out a topic. Below are some of the best topics for a research paper in the legal field.

Before Writing: the Research Process

Students should take some time before they choose a topic to research the subject area. They will want to find a topic that they are interested in because it will make the research process easier. A boring, tedious topic will only make the entire dissertation writing process drag on endlessly. Likewise, students will want to conduct some additional research to make sure that there are sources in their library on their subject.

Topics for a Legal Paper

  1. The Lone Bomber Theory: Is State-Sanctioned Murder Ever Justified Using Utilitarian Arguments?
  2. The Impact of the Greeks on Shaping Modern Concepts of Law and Order
  3. Does Having an Unwritten Constitution Give Individuals Better Human Rights
  4. A Comparative Analysis of Laws Governing Money Laundering in Cyprus and the United Kingdom
  5. John Locke and the Modern Justice System
  6. Torture and the Legal System: Has the Central Intelligence Agency Overstepped the Law?
  7. Has Feminist Legal Theory Changed the Status of Women in Politics, Fair Pay and Gay Rights?
  8. Legal Education and Actual Performance: Career Success Rates Between Ivy League and State Schools
  9. Should the Criminal Justice System be Retributive or Rehabilitative in Dealing With Criminals?
  10. The Development of the Concept of Natural Law and the Beginning of a Universal Justice System
  11. Societal Morals and the Law: Can Section 127 of the 2003 Communications Act Combat Trolls on Twitter?
  12. The Role of the Parole System in Preventing Future Crime
  13. The Dilution Perspective on Intellectual Property Like Domain Names
  14. Racial Imprisonment Differences Due to the Laws Surrounding Crack and Cocaine
  15. The Impact of Christianity, Judaism, Islam and the Romans on Shaping the Modern Legal Field
  16. Key Differences Between Legal Courts in Common Law and Roman Law
  17. Formation of the United States Legal System Following the American Revolution
  18. Do Female Judges Bring About More Favorable Judgments for Criminals?
  19. Racism and the Law: What Are the Justifications for the Statistical Difference Between Black and White Incarceration?
  20. Moral Thinking and Criminal Law: How Societal Norms Impact the Punishment of Prisoners

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