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A List Of Intriguing Dissertation Topics On Public Health

A public health dissertation should touch on issues that affect groups or even nations of people from a medical standpoint. This includes their exposure to potentially deadly pathogens just as much as their likelihood of becoming mentally ill due to environmental stressors. With so many issues to choose form, picking a single one tends to be a challenge. With this in mind, consider the list below as a source of inspiration:

  1. Should parents who refuse to vaccinate their children be forced to live separately from the rest of society
  2. Should the makers of fattening food be taxed heavily to compensate for their indirect impact on the health care industry from fuelling an obesity epidemic
  3. Vegetarianism: A means of curbing the majority of lifestyle illnesses currently on the rise
  4. How can men be convinced to be more interested in their prostate health?
  5. To what extent is exposure to toxic fumes due to off-gassing responsible for declines in cognitive ability?
  6. Should the definitions of different stages of obesity be updated to more clearly reflect the health of obese individuals?
  7. Can a shift toward fit models rather than chronically underweight ones reduce the incidences of anorexia and bulimia in Western Countries?
  8. Should mentally competent chronically ill adults be allowed access to euthanasia?
  9. Should cosmetic surgery me be made less accessible to people who are not suffering from a clear defect?
  10. How old should a child be before being allowed to initiate transitioning to another sex?
  11. Should parents be encouraged to protest the absence of balanced scientifically accurate sex education classes at their children’s schools?
  12. What effect does a life of abstinence have on the individual as well as society?
  13. Does access to pornographic material lead to spike in depression and anxiety?
  14. How much does recreational drug use affect a person’s ability to serve as a functional member of society?
  15. What physiological arguments can be put forward for the continuation of the wage gap that exists between men and women?
  16. How does systematic aggression form the police force affect the mental wellbeing of marginalised ethnic groups within the United States?

The topics presented are all interesting in their own ways and can help you begin some ground-breaking research that may end up causing huge policy changes. They are just the beginning and your writing will do the rest.


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