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A List Of Attention-Grabbing Dissertation Topics In Literature

  1. What Edgar Allan Poe would write if he lived today: A modern analysis of sad poetry

    What could Edgar Allen Poe teach us about grief if he was still alive today?

  2. Reasons why Huckleberry Finn is a more interesting character than Tom Sawyer

    Do an analysis of all the reasons you feel that Huckleberry Finn should have been the main character in the classic, Tom Sawyer.

  3. The origin of Grimm’s Fairytale: The historic truth behind fairy tales

    Take an historic journey into the origins of the classic fairy tales we know so well. What is the truth behind these stories?

  4. Dream language: The process of writing a descriptive script for a dream in film

    How does one accurately describe a dream scene for a movie? Describe how you would go about using language to write a scene like this.

  5. Underrated poems of the sixteenth century

    Take a look at some of your favourite poems from the sixteenth century that no one else seems to think are as great as you do.

  6. An epic conversation: Presumptuous dialogue between Mother Teresa and Adolf Hitler

    What would Hitler and Mother Teresa talk about if they had a cup of tea together? Speculate on their conversation and take an interesting angle to your writing.

  7. If dead book writer’s could speak from the grave: An analysis of three favourite poets from the past

    What would the legends say if they could speak to us from beyond the grave?

  8. From hieroglyphics to books: Literature’s influence in evolving our culture and society

    Talk about how literature has influenced us to be better, more civilized people throughout the centuries. How do you see today’s literature affecting our children and our children’s children?

  9. Silent movies: A lost art

    Would we still have the skills to make a silent movie today that meets the same standards of the early movie era? Discuss your answer and tell the reader why.

  10. Adapting Greek mythology into today’s writing

    What tips can we take from the stories of Greek mythology? Can we implement those ingredients into our writing today and what effect would it have if we did?

  11. The evolution of literature

    What new genres of literature are likely to spring up and gain popularity in the next ten to twenty years?


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