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20 Intriguing Topics For Writing A Dissertation On Economics

In order to help you think of some good topics for a dissertation on economics, the following outlines 20 intriguing ideas, based on a wide range of different areas of the subject.

  1. The application of economics theory in everyday life situations
  2. A comparison of the different schools of economic thought
  3. What implications has improved technology has on our ability to compute various economic theories using various modelling techniques and other related software?
  4. Using examples, what problems can be faced trying to use economic theory to explain real-life situations and to make predictions on how the economy will work in the future?
  5. Explain the use of specialization in developing an economy and improving productivity
  6. With price comparison websites and a wide range of other information available on the Internet, how close are we to having a market structure based on perfect competition?
  7. The advantages and disadvantages of a monopoly in a variety of different industries
  8. A comparison of government interference in different markets and what would happen without intervention
  9. The difference between microeconomics and macroeconomics
  10. How do people use economics in their everyday lives without even realizing it?
  11. In reference to a particular industry, outline and analyze the concepts related to market failure
  12. How can a cost-benefit analysis be used to determine the true cost of a good or service, and should governments do more to tax businesses who under-price goods or services at the cost of the environment, or anything else that might cost taxpayers money?
  13. Discuss the use of social welfare in a capitalist society, and what would happen to the poorest in society without government intervention
  14. Outline and discuss the ways in which inflation is measured in different economies around the world, and what are the positives and negatives to different methods that are used?
  15. How is the average “shopping basket” determined when it comes to working out inflation?
  16. Analyze a typical boom and bust business cycle and what companies and industries as a whole can do when things are going well so as to protect themselves in negatives times
  17. Discuss the fiscal policy of the United States
  18. What options are available to central banks so as to control inflation and interest rates?
  19. What caused the financial crisis at the beginning of the 21st century?
  20. Compare the financial crisis of the early 21st century to the Great Depression of the early 20th century

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